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Power Generation

The repetition of electric power blackout in a region of country affects the investors decision to invest or conduct business with such region. It decrease the level of confidence in business reliability in this region. A fire event in a power generation facility may lead to a temporary or extended blackout. Power generation facilities involve different types of hazards. Some of these hazards are associated to the power generation process and others are not. Office buildings in a generation facility are commonly protected with sprinkler system while Control rooms are protected with clean agent fire extinguishing systems. Moreover, the turbines are protected with low pressure carbon dioxide system or high pressure water mist. Transformers are protected with exposure protection spray system, high pressure water mist or compressed air foam system. Panels are either protected locally through pre-engineered systems or with total flooding high pressure carbon dioxide systems. Almost all the buildings involved in a power generation facility utilizes fire alarm systems.                  

Examples of Power Generation Facilities and Products:
  1. Power Generation Plants
  2. Substations
  3. Generator Rooms
  4. Electric Distribution Panels
Hazards & Solutions:

Hazards Solutions
Initial Fire Control Operations  PHOENIX : Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers ,Dry Chemical Powder ,Stored Pressure Operated ,Medium Hazard
Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS): Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers 
Sigma 5: Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers ,Carbon Dioxide 
Polymer Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel)Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks 
Steel Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel): Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks  
Electric Power Plants Sprinkler, Standpipe & Private Fire Service Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems 
Steel Fire Cabinets : Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks 
Stainless Steel Fire Cabinets :Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems :  Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 
Open Graphic Navigator : Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems  
Tank Protection Storage Tank Protection: Fire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems ,Foam Systems ,Special Hazard Systems  
Monitors and Nozzles: Fire-Fighting Systems  ,Water Based Systems ,Foam Systems ,Special Hazard Systems 
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems: Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems             
Control Room Clean Agent Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems             
Generator and Transformers Rooms Carbon Dioxide Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems  
Foam Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems 
Electric Distribution Panels Fire Search CO2 Direct and Indirect : Fire-Fighting Systems  Pre-Engineered Systems ,Electrical Enclosures & Engine Compartments Systems



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