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Cultural & Historical Properties

Heritage properties have cultural-historical or scholarly value. They also have financial value represented in a county`s revenue due the designation of such properties as tourism location. These properties are priceless as the ability to re-build such a property or re-produce any of the contents involved in it is extremely limited. Thus, an uncontrolled fire event in such a property may lead to severe cultural and economical losses. The installation of active fire suppression and alarm systems in such properties if applicable, is extremely important. Small areas in such properties are usually protected by clean agent fire extinguishing systems. If impractical, high pressure water mist system is an acceptable alternative. On the contrary, large areas in such proprieties are usually protected by pre-action sprinkler system to reduce the probability of false discharge. As for the detection optical smoke and heat detectors are usually used. Due to the large number of visitors whom are not familiar with such properties, the installation of mass notification systems is essential to reduce the losses in lives and properties during fire events.           
Examples of Cultural & Historical Properties:

  1. Museums
  2. Temples
  3. Historical Buildings
Hazards & Solutions:

Hazards Solutions
Initial Fire Control Operations Phoenix: Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers, Dry chemical Powder, Stored Pressure Operated, Medium Hazard 
MAGNUM AQUA-JET Hand-Held Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers, Internal Cartridge Operated, Medium Hazard.
Sigma 5: Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers 
Polymer Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel): Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks 
Steel Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel)Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Museums Sprinkler, Standpipe & Private Fire Service Mains Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems, water Based Systems 
Maximus 50 AQUA-fog: Water Mist
Steel Fire Cabinets: Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks 
Stainless Steel Fire Cabinets: Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks 
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 
Open Graphic Navigator: Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 
Art Galleries Clean Agent Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems 
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems: Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 
Control Rooms Clean Agent Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems 
Generator and Transformers Rooms Carbon Dioxide Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems
Foam Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems, Water Based Systems
Electric Distribution Panels Fire Search CO2 Direct and Indirect: Fire-Fighting Systems, Pre-Engineered Systems, Electrical Enclosures & Engine Compartments Systems   


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