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Office Buildings

Office buildings are used for conducting business transactions. They are commonly characterized as low hazard occupancies, however; a designer may need further assessments because such buildings may involve certain rooms that contribute a higher hazard classification due to their occupants or contents. Commonly, office buildings are protected with sprinkler system, standpipe system and fire extinguishers as well as fire alarm system. Office buildings also include special hazard rooms that require protection by other types of systems. High rise office buildings increase the challenge of fire protection. In such buildings, the occupants are totally dependants on fixed fire protection systems. The time elapsed for evacuation in those buildings is relatively higher than other buildings. Hence, in such buildings mass notification and graphical representation of fire events is essential.       
Examples of Office Buildings:

  1. Banks
  2. Consulting firms
  3. Governmental buildings   
Hazards & Solutions:

Hazards Solutions
Initial Fire Control
PHOENIX: Fire Extinguishers ,Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers ,Dry Chemical Powder  
 Stored Pressure Operated ,Medium Hazard
Magnum foamjet : Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers ,Foam,Internal Cartridge Operated ,Medium Hazard
MAGNUM AQUA-JET Hand-Held Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers, Internal Cartridge Operated, Medium Hazard.
Sigma 5:  Fire Extinguishers ,Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers  ,Carbon Dioxide
Polymer Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel): Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Steel Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel): Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Electric Distribution Panels Fire Search CO2 Direct and IndirectFire-Fighting Systems, Pre-Engineered Systems, Electrical Enclosures & Engine Compartments Systems
Generators and Transformers Rooms Carbon Dioxide SystemsFire-Fighting Systems
Server Rooms Clean Agent SystemsFire-Fighting Systems  
Offices Sprinkler & Private Fire Service Mains SystemsFire-Fighting Systems¸Water Based Systems
Polymer Fire Cabinets ( 21/2" Hose Reel):  Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Steel Fire Cabinets ( 21/2" Hose Reel):  Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems   
Open Graphic Navigator : Fire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 

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