The roots of Bavaria go back to 1923, when Bavaria Feuerlöscher-Apparatebau was ‎first ‎established ‎in ‎‎Falkenstein, ‎Germany. The objective of the company was to manufacture ‎quality ‎‎firefighting ‏‎equipment and ‎supply safety at a time ‎‎of great need. ‏Bavaria with its old ‎heritage is the ‎second oldest fire extinguisher manufacturer in Germany.‎

Many years later, with a vision of globalization that was ahead of its time, Bavaria Egypt stock ‎company was ‎‎‎established in 1971 as an Egyptian German joint‎ venture. Bavaria Egypt's ‎main ‎objective has always been to ‎provide ‎‎‎innovative, reliable and sustainable high quality fire ‏‎fighting products to meet the current ‎and future ‎‎market demands, ‎providing safety to ‎‎individuals ‏and the society at large. ‎‎

In 1999, both companies merged together under one holding company; ‎Bavaria Holding and thus ‎expanding ‎turf on ‎both the national and international levels. ‎‎Features of the benefits reaped are ‎quite numerous including ‎the integration of their ‎market ‎strategies, product packages, the ‎combination of the production facilities in ‎‎Germany and ‎Egypt as well as the endorsed ‎experiences, research and development ‎activities.


BAVARIA HOLDING has other subsidiaries like Bavaria Free-‎Zone that is specialized in ‎logistics ‏and free ‎zone operations and Bavaria Alarm, a turnkey provider for ‎automated alarm and ‏fixed ‎fire fighting ‎‎installations and systems.

Today, on the international level, BAVARIA HOLDING extends its market endeavors to many ‎countries. Bavaria ‎is directly ‎present through its own subsidiaries in Lebanon and Sudan ‎as well as being active in the European Union as well as ‎in several other ‎countries. Under the ‎umbrella of its six companies Bavaria secures the supply ‎of ‎its wide range of ‎products through ‎‎26 owned branches in 5 countries. This allows hands on reliable consultations, prompt ‎‎supply, ‎technical support, and ‎after sale services. Thanks to its well-developed fleet of ‎customer service vehicles that ‎deliver high quality services ‎on site to ‎‎50,000 contracted ‎service customers and is committed to ‎fulfilling their requests within ‎‎72-hours.‎

Bavaria is ‎perhaps the largest producer in Africa, the Middle East, and ‎Europe for cars' ‎fire extinguishers with a ‎capacity of up to several million fire extinguishers per annum.‎

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