Corporate Social Responsibility

Technical & Vocational Training

Our philosophy is focused on people, not just as professional resource for the company, but extend it to the family well being and motivational scope. People form the backbone of our market leadership. Our staff is growing on a yearly basis in terms of number and experiences.
We believe that our Bavaria family members share the same genetic information with respect to  team building, passion for change, reliability, global vision, and innovation. 


Project List

Mubarak – Kohl Initiative

In 1991, the Egyptian President Mubarak and the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl agreed to launch a program of German technical cooperation to address the needs of the Egyptian youth. This program focuses on providing them with the needed theoretical and practical training to equip them with the needed skills to overcome work challenges.

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Health & Safety Training

We are committed to promote health and safety criteria in everything we do, and extend it to our partners, clients and suppliers. We set the benchmark for risk prevention and occupational health and safety. To achieve this target, we rely on high quality HSE trainings across our entire value chain, and promote a risk assessment and avoidance culture. Our system complies with the International Standard ISO 45001. We have more than 25,000 training hours of yearly HSE programs.

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Talent Program

The mission of our Talent Program is not just to provide employees with the technical, and soft skills trainings needed to meet their job targets, but also to promote them to realize their full potential, and implement their innovative ideas. We follow a 70 – 20 – 10 training model meaning that 70% of learning comes from on job tasks and hands-on experiences, 20% from tutoring within the workplace, and 10% from structured training classes.

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