Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving the Quality of Life for our Employees

Following the notion  "Companies are People", we work hard to maintain close proximity to our work force addressing their needs & concerns, purpose and ambition. We maintain open communication and direct engagement channels regarding workplace matters & working conditions.
Equal Employment Opportunity:

We are proudly an Equal Opportunity Employer thriving to take diversity to a new level from accepting differences to celebrating them.
Our respect for diversity is the base of our values and cultural relations. We welcome diversity and strive to manage it effectively. All employment decisions are based solely on the job needs and individual qualifications without regard to race, sex, color, religion, family medical history. Bavaria will not tolerate any form of discrimination. 
We foster a corporate culture that promotes and protects the values of respect, dignity and equality for every person.
We strive to build trust, deliver mutual advantage and demonstrate respect in all relationships we enter into, including respect for cultures and values of others.


Project List

Supporting Patients that Have Chronic illnesses

Bavaria allocates a yearly budget to support employees and their families who suffer from chronic illnesses that are out of the medical coverage scope. We have our own medical insurance policy that covers employees.

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Meals and Organic Food

Bavaria supplies two meals per working day for employees during working hours at around 10 % of their market value to encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle at work in some of our production facilities as a form of social support. In addition, our own company outlets provide a set amount of healthy organic food supplies at about 50 % of their market value to employees and their families to promote a healthy life style .

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Bavaria Sports Activities

Bavaria developed a sports facilities in its production facilities where different activities could be practiced such as soccer, volleyball, table tennis, and basketball.

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Social Events for Profit Sharing

We organize annual events for profit sharing celebrations to promote team building activities among cross functional departments, and share success stories of outstanding employees. These events transmit enthusiasm and a positive attitude to inspire creativity and achieve objectives.

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Monthly Newsletter

Bavaria issues a monthly newsletter that provides an excellent opportunity to keep every employee in sync. Though traditional communication channels focus on getting words out, our newsletter is based on getting words in. The newsletter promotes social advocacy and highlights evergreen content. It contains articles and messages written by our Chairman and top management, white and blue collared employees. A section of the newsletter is dedicated to sharing personal stories of our Bavaria Famil

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Employee Suggestion Program

Since our corporate culture focuses on open communication and passion for change, our employee suggestion program is carefully structured to address this purpose.

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