Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

By considering our needs compared to the  available resources, sustainability becomes the only way forward. Our strategy is based on full involvement and awareness of employees at all organizational levels to work on every area of our organization such as efficient waste management and developing new green areas.

Our environmental strategy paves the road towards sustainability through full involvement of all our stakeholders.

Our Environment Management System (EMS) is proudly certified according to the ISO 14001 that covers the environmental aspects within all areas of the organization.


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We adopt eco-friendly production and embrace low carbon footprint solutions in our manufacturing processes, and reduce fossil fuel consumptions through improving efficiency.

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Water stewardship is among our core values in our EMS strategy. We believe that water is a fundamental right for all citizens around the globe. Water is a vital resource for our value chain and is used in different processes such as cooling machinery and hydrostatic pressure testing for all our welded cylinders. We have taken the initiative to modify all machines that use water either for testing or cooling to follow a completely closed system. These initiatives were the means to achieve our w

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Packaging plays a crucial function in delivering our products safely and securely to our customers. Our EMS initiatives focus on developing more responsible packaging solutions. Such initiatives are based on improving the environmental footprint of our packaging material, dealing only with suppliers that have ISO 14001 considering it as a prerequisite to be an approved supplier. We use biodegradable cartons for our packaging that break down in any end of life environment. In addition, we red

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Waste Management

Our Waste Management Program (WMP) is an integrated part of our EMS policy. It targets reducing, classifying and recycling wastes. We took initial steps for introducing solar energy systems for heating water. We proudly achieved a 95% recyclable solid waste in our production processes. The recycling process is either done in-house for some materials or sent to specialized organizations for the same purpose. Furthermore, we developed our painting ovens to use natural gas instead of Kerosene,

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City Cleaning Initiative

Bavaria took an initiative to sponsor cleaning activities in four streets downtown Cairo to restore its cultural beauty. This initiative was taken together with Cairo’s Governorate and involved a wide spectrum of activities starting with supplying trash bins and cleaning tools till garbage collection and segregation. Bavaria sponsored as well the cleaning personnel, and tools needed to perform their job efficiently.

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