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Core Spreader


  • Weight reduction thanks to new materials, component integration and intelligent design
  • Easy to carry and handle, reducing physical burden
Effective profile on the spreading tips
  • Perfect grip in every situation
Ergonomic carrying handle
  • New design increases operator comfort in various working positions
New LED lighting in carrying handle
  • No less than 6 LED lights with higher light output
  • Rescuers can start their job right away, both during the day and at night, without working in their own shadow
Speed Valve on CORE models
  • When unloaded, the arms open quickly to the desired distance to speed up spreader positioning.
Compact Lightweight Spreader
SP 5240 CL
  • Developed entirely on the basis of practical application this spreader can do everything required to extricate a trapped victim, while weighing under 10 kg. And although we did not aim to meet the international standards, it fully complies with NFPA 1936 and – except for the spreading distance – with EN 13204
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Battery Spreader


Optimum freedom of movement
Greenline models are self-contained and not connected to a pump. So they offer true optimum freedom of movement.
Use in all weather conditions
Suitable for use in all weather conditions, also in the case of (extreme) precipitation and temperatures down to -20o C.
No emissions, so healthier for rescuers and victims. Also ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces.
Battery on top of tool
The battery has been positioned on the tool in such a way that exchanging it is quick and easy, even in confined spaces.
Advanced battery technology
Lithium-ion technology combines a long battery life with high capacity for maximum operational use.
Higher speed
Up to 33% faster operation than the previous generation of battery operated rescue tools, to deliver the same performance in less time.
Holmatro Greenline EVO battery range Zero emissions, 100% performance
Holmatro spreader GSP 5240 CL EVO
Weight incl. battery 15.8 kg
Relevant spreading force* 40 kN / 4.1 t
Spreading distance 510 mm
Holmatro spreader GSP 5240 EVO
• Weight incl. battery 20.6 kg
• Relevant spreading force* 41 kN / 4.2 t
• Spreading distance 725 mm
Holmatro spreader GSP 5250 EVO
• Weight incl. battery 22.1 kg
• Relevant spreading force* 51 kN / 5.2 t
• Spreading distance 725 mm
* this is the minimum spreading force you will always have at your disposal, measured at the top of the spreading tips over the full spreading distance
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