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General Metal Fires (D Class)

Tornado-50 Verre 5


  • The interruption of the extinguishing and also the intermittent usage is possible of all time.
  • Equipped with a 3 l – pressurized air cylinder.
  • Light weight of the extinguisher, it is filled with 12,5 kg Granules
  • A possible good dosing and really gentle application of the extinguishing agent, throughout the constant low pressure of 2 bars, with the help of a built in pressure regulator
  • Through to the polystyrene coating of the cylinder, the extinguisher has a great protection against corrosion.
  • Standardly equipped with a dimensionally stable 5m hose.
  • The stable trolley is equipped with rubber wheels.
  • Suitable for electrical objects up to 1000 V, with a minimum distance of 1 m.

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Magnum P 12 M


  • High extinguishing rating Allows intermittent and repeated operation.
  • Suitable for lithium fires.
  • A high quality valve reinforced with fiber-glass, equipped with a black coated aluminium nut.
  • The metal fire extinguisher is equipped with a cup nozzle, which allows a better dosage of the agent.
  • Throughout the special polyester coating of the cylinder, the extinguisher has a high corrosion protection.
  • Filled with the special BAVARIA – metal fire powder
  • Suitable for electrical systems up to 1000 V, with a min distance of 1 m.
  • Supplied with a high quality wall bracket. 
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