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Portable Water Fire Pumps

ZIEGLER - Portable Fire Pump


  • Simplest operation due to automatic engagement of the pump. The ULTRA POWER 4 is the most powerful portable pump according to EN 14466. The pump operator will be relieved thanks to an automatic control of the outlet pressure of the Tourmat D. The pumping operation is possible without additional switching.
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch operation
  • Illuminated display (day and night)
  • Pump pressure governor Tourmat D
  • Compact external dimensions
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Compact design, and simple to operate
  • Attractive, symmetric plastic cover
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Night & day illuminated display
  • Multi-function display - ease of use, Bright, clear and intuitive
  • Automatic regulation of the output pressure by the Tourmat D
  • Engaging by automatic centrifugal clutch activation.
  • Automatic speed limit during priming operation.
  • Modern engine technology, environmentally friendly, low vibration, quiet operation. Global service network with Volkswagen (VW)
  • Non-Stop and Uninterrupted operation due to external refueling capability
  • Fully automatic priming system, by TROKOMAT PLUS
  • 2000 l Water output at 10 bar from 3 meters suction head
  • Electric starter and additional recoil starting unit

Shapely symmetric plastic cowling. 17 l Fuel tank for non-leaded premium gasoline (ROZ 95) or regular gasoline (ROZ 91).

1 Halogen spotlight extendible. Swivelling and tiltable in all directions.

High-strength light metal frame with four ergonomically hinged and turnable handles as well as rubberized cold hand guard.

After opening of the cover checking respectively refuelling of cooling agent and engine oil is particularly easily possible.

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