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Hand Held Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)


The core technology of BAVARIA PowerCAFS high-performance extinguisher is the FLEXICAFS® technology. The technology can react in arbitrary gradations between wet and dry or heavy and light foam. The foam can be varied much more precise on a wide range of solid (A) and liquid fi res (B). This creates a whole new range spectra and use decisions. Is revolutionary in this segment the continuous control of the air supply in the mixing chamber. This makes it possible to generate a CAFS extinguisher, a non-foamed water-extinguishing agent mixture, resulting in a Water-Mist-System. Optimal adjustment of the device components, tuning utilized and certified special extinguishing


The FLEXICAFS ® technology
An appealing design of the mixing chamber permits continuously variable and thus the adaptation of the extinguishing foam on various fi res and start fires. By means of a metering device, the injecting volume can be variably adapted to the compressed air and thus influences the ratio of extinguishing medium enriched water and compressed air, and varies for an optimal erase result. This allows the use of various CAFS-foams that can be used with very low extinguishing water mixture for retention and prevention of re-ignition. With a high water content very wet, ideal for fi rst strikes to dry, but also for insulation and shielding.  

Due to a massive construction and design with virtually wear-free and high-quality materials BAVARIA-PowerCAFS arrived not only in performance but also quality and durability in a new dimension. State of the art, robot-based manufacturing techniques, the use of the latest composite materials and intensive research and development are the guarantee of consistent performance and reliability in an area that does not allow mistakes.



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