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Magnum P 12 M


The optimal usage for the BAVARIA Magnum P 12 M is in various companies, which are working with metals. It is also recommended in any facilities, where there are elec-trical systems, machines, and vehicles with lithium-ion are to be found or stored. Electric storage for solar and wind power plants, e-bikes, e-mobile. Manufacturer of lithium-ion bat-teries, distributors, service com-panies, waste disposal and re-cycling companies.

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  • High extinguishing rating Allows intermittent and repeated operation.
  • Suitable for lithium fires.
  • A high quality valve reinforced with fiber-glass, equipped with a black coated aluminium nut.
  • The metal fire extinguisher is equipped with a cup nozzle, which allows a better dosage of the agent.
  • Throughout the special polyester coating of the cylinder, the extinguisher has a high corrosion protection.
  • Filled with the special BAVARIA – metal fire powder
  • Suitable for electrical systems up to 1000 V, with a min distance of 1 m.
  • Supplied with a high quality wall bracket. 
Amount of the agent 12 kg
Test object D
Range of operating temperature from -20ºC to +60ºC
Testing pressure 30 bar
Bursting press Over 70 bar
Material of the valve PA 6 GF 30
Material of the cylinder DC 04
Propellant CO2
Amount of propellant 280 gr.
Extinguishing agent Powder for metal fires
Inner coating  
Coating Polyester
Approx. gross weight 20,5 kg
Approx. unit dimension (LxWxH) in cm 29x18,5x53
Packaging material Cardboard
Functional time approx. 65 sec.
Approx. range of throw --