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Maximus 50 AQUA-fog


BAVARIA Maximus 50 AQUA-Fog is not only capable of effec-tively extinguishing the fire, but has a great cooling effect and can excellently insulate the heat radiation. The water fog is displacing the oxygen from the environment of the fire. This cooling effect can also be used to protect the people and the belongings from the heat.

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  • The interruption of the extinguishing and also the intermittent usage is possible of all time.
  • Equipped with a 3 l – nitrogen cylinder.
  • The extinguisher is equipped with a 10 m long high pressure hose.
  • Through to the polystyrene coating of the cylinder and also the inner coating with the polymer, the extinguisher has a great protection against corrosion.
  • Brass valve, with aluminum cap nut, coated black, with an additional safety valve.
  • The stable trolley is equipped with rubber wheels.
  • Suitable for electrical objects up to 1000 V, with a minimum distance of 1 m.

Amount of the agent 50 l
Test object A
Range of operating temperature from 0°C to +60°C
Test pressure 31,5 bar
Bursting pressure min. 55 bar
Material of valve Nickel plated brass
Material of cylinder Steel
Propellant N2
Amount of propellant 160 bar / 3 l
Extinguishing agent Water
Coating Polyester
Gross weight (ca.) 83,0 kg
Dimension (LxWxH) cm 48,5x46,5x118
Packaging Pallet
Functional time approx. 100 sec.
Range of throw approx. approx. 9 m
Manufactured according to European Standard DIN/EN 1866
TÜV-certified pressure cylinder
CE marked
Management System certified according oh ISO 9001