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Tornado-50 Verre 5


BAVARIA Tornado-50 Verre 5 is filled with granules, which have been positively tested as an extinguishing agent for the fire classes A, B, D and F from the MPA Dresden in accordance to the DIN EN 3-7. Granules are suitable to extinguish all metal fires (aluminum, magnesium etc.). Even thermite fires, with the temperatures above 2000°C can be controlled / extinguished with this agent. It can be used in a great variety of application fields for example: foundries, museums, archives but also in laboratories or for production machines

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  • The interruption of the extinguishing and also the intermittent usage is possible of all time.
  • Equipped with a 3 l – pressurized air cylinder.
  • Light weight of the extinguisher, it is filled with 12,5 kg Granules
  • A possible good dosing and really gentle application of the extinguishing agent, throughout the constant low pressure of 2 bars, with the help of a built in pressure regulator
  • Through to the polystyrene coating of the cylinder, the extinguisher has a great protection against corrosion.
  • Standardly equipped with a dimensionally stable 5m hose.
  • The stable trolley is equipped with rubber wheels.
  • Suitable for electrical objects up to 1000 V, with a minimum distance of 1 m.

Amount of the agent 50 l (12,5 kg Granules)
Testing object 21B D
Range of operating temperature from -20°C to +60°C
Test pressure 23 bar
Bursting pressure min. 55 bar
Material of the valve Nickel plated brass
Material of the cylinder Steel
Propellant Pressurized air
Amount of propellant 300 bar, reduced to 2 bar
Extinguishing agent Granules
Coating Polyester
Gross weight (approx.) 72,0 kg
Dimension (LxWxH) cm 56x48x111
Packaging Pallet
Functional time approx. Approx. 60 sec.
Range of throw approx. Approx. 4 m