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2151_Low Profile Plug-in Photoelectric Smoke Detector


From the smallest business to the largest facility or campus, small conventional panels feature large capacity power supplies and easy front panel programming while large intelligent systems lead the market in sophisticated features including distributed emergency audio and are remarkably easy to configure and program. In addition to systems, Secutron™ also offers the most complete line of advanced detection industry with the advanced system features required by emerging fire codes and new protection design practices. Large intelligent networked systems support fully redundant network modularity, graphic display annunciation/monitoring, building management system integration, programmable smoke control and multi-channel emergency communications across buildings, campuses or communities. Secutron™ systems are also supported with the largest selection of detectors, signaling devices and accessory devices, including intelligent power supplies.

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• 24 volt operation
• Removable cover and insect screen for easy cleaning
• Two LEDs blink in standby, latch in alarm, providing 360° visibility
• Field sensitivity metering of detector to meet NFPA 72 requirements
• Broad range of adapter bases available with built in shorting spring
• Sealed against dirt, insects, and back pressure


Model Description  
2151 Low Profile Plug-In Photoelectric Smoke Detector, UL  
2151A Low Profile Plug-In Photoelectric Smoke Detector, ULC  
2151C Low Profile Plug-In Photoelectric Smoke Detector, China  
2151E Low Profile Plug-In Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Europe  
B401 Flangeless base  
B110LP Flanged base  
B116LP Flanged relay base, 1 Form C relay  
B401BH Sounder base, requires separate 24 VDC supply  
F110 Retrofit replacement flange for MRD-B400 series flanged bases  
BCK200 Black retrofit flange and cover, package of 10  
RA400Z Remote LED annunciator  
MOD400 Detector metering adapter module; use with most analog or digital multi-meters  
M02 Test Magnet