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SD Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors


General Application From the smallest business to the largest facility or campus, small conventional panels feature large capacity power supplies and easy front panel programming while large intelligent systems lead the market in sophisticated features including distributed emergency audio and are remarkably easy to configure and program. In addition to systems, Secutron™ also offers the most complete line of advanced detection industry with the advanced system features required by emerging fire codes and new protection design practices. Large intelligent networked systems support fully redundant network modularity, graphic display annunciation/monitoring, building management system integration, programmable smoke control and multi-channel emergency communications across buildings, campuses or communities. Secutron™ systems are also supported with the largest selection of detectors, signaling devices and accessory devices, including intelligent power supplies.

• Two and four wire models
• Photoelectric smoke sensing technology
• Uses smoke sensor in conjunction with a fixed temperature heat sensor to extend reliability
• Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
• N/C (normal close) or N/O (normal open) selectable relay output
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Attractive sleek housing
• UL listed

Smoke Sensitivity 2.66+/- 1.11% FT Obscuration (UL standard)
Detection Range 50 foot rating for heat sensor
Start-Up Current 70 μA Maximum
Alarm Impedance
For 2-wire models: 100Ω+3V max; 560Ω+3V max (red LED open circuit)
Reset Voltage Less than 1 volt
Reset Time Less than 1 sec
Alarm Indicator Continuously emitting red light
Temperature range -10°C to 50°C
Humidity 0 to 95% RH, non condensing
Alarm Contact For 4-wire: N/O or N/C Operation
Form A: 1.0A@30VDC/0.5A@125VAC
Dimensions 10mm (dia) x 46mm (ht) with base
Weight 130g/set with base