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Photo Electric Smoke Detector ASD-10Q


'- Made in Europe
- Function – Warranty: 10 years for smoke alarm and battery 
- 3 V lithium battery AA CR 14505 fix mounted, no change of the battery needed
- Mute function of the alarm signal for 10 minutes by pressing the test button, 
  the device automatically resets itself after   minutes into the monitoring mode.
- The device gives a signal if the danger level of dust reached in the smoke chamber, with
  three beeps (in every 40 sec.) signals the necessity of the cleaning of the smoke chamber.
  This is why the signal is different from the „false“ or „battery low“ signal.
- three beeps also if the „ place of installation is too bright “
- Automatic sensitivity adjustment by micro-processor, with long-term drift function (sensibility
- Test button also for muting or resetting the device
- minimized danger of false alarm trough Lan
- Optional with two sided adhesive pad, certified by KRIWAN
Signal triggering: smoke
Installation: wireless
Battery included: yes
Linkable: no
Alarm volume (dB): 85dB
Warning when the battery is low: yes
Test button: yes