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10 years smoke detector Genius Plus


'Processor-controlled smoke detector (Din EN 14604) with optical and 
acoustic signaling for home usage, apartments and rooms, as well as in any environment 
with difficult conditions such as cellars with no-freezing temperatures possible installation also in staircases (DIN 14676))
- Real time alarm guarantee and 10 years of warranty*
- Service support via contamination forecast for the next 
  15 months
- Continous self-monitoring 
- Clear status detection via LED (green,orange,red) 
  and acoustic feedback signal directly to the smoke detector
- Alarm thresholding
- Alarm memory
- One-hole and two-hole or adhesive installation
- Real-time clock suppressionat via real time measurmeant
- Suitable for bedrooms (no status messages or flashing light 
  at night
- Smartsonic (acoustic data transfer technology) for smartphone
- Additional features related to IT Genius Home or to Genius Pro App and smart phone: 
 - Detailed status display, history and recommended actions on the smart phone
 - On-site diagnosis
 - Producing the maintenance documentation according to DIN 14676 (only in Genius Pro App)
  - Forwarding documentation via the function „sharing” of the smart phones
- Frequency-optimized signal tone
- Built in battery, typical battery life 10 years
- Stand-alone
- Maintenance and/or function check only annually 
• Power supply: 1 x lithium battery 3,6 V built in, designed for 
min. 10 years of operation according to the manufacturer
• Battery capacity: 2,2 Ah
• Operating life: typically 10 years
• Optimal operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C
• Storage temperature: from -10°C to +60°C
• Operating status: multi-color LED
• Automatic: adjustment for temperature fluctuation via temperature sensor
• Acoustic, frequency-optimized alarm: over 85 db (3m)
• Protection class: IP 40
• Color: white silk matte
• Dimensions: H/Ø - 48 mm/104 mm
• Weight 143 g
• Adhesive assembly with adhesive pad (VDS approved)
• Testing and operation: via test button
• Anti-theft protection and extraction detection