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White Ghost Fluoro-Protein 3%


WHITE GHOST 3% is applied with all low expansion foam equipment and installations, including sub-surface and semi sub-surface systems. It can be used as a preventative measure to cover spills of volatile liquids. The foam blanket suppresses evaporation, preventing emission of flammable and toxic gases. Fire risk and environmental impact are thereby reduced considerably. This foam concentrate is typically used in chemical and petrochemical industries, at airports and in offshore installations.


WHITE GHOST 3% is based on renewable organic protein. It does not contain any harmful synthetic detergents, harmful glycol ethers or zinc chloride. Fluorinated surface active agents, stabilizers and preservatives characterise this effective product, which may provide an economical, alternative to AFFF and FFFP foams. This product is classified as non-hazardous, according to regulation (EC) 1272/2008 [CLP].


WHITE GHOST 3% low expansion foam allows for long projection ranges, has high flowability and is extremely resistant against burn back and heat radiation. The foam is stable on hydrocarbons containing proportions of polar solvents, as well as other highly volatile additives, such as MTBE. It does not emulsify with hydrocarbon fuels, making it ideal for direct application, as well as use in sub-surface installations. This product safely extinguishes class A and B fires and produces a gastight foam blanket on liquid surfaces.


None of the raw materials used in our products are banned. Our foam concentrates comply with the latest environmental regulations, such as ‘Commission Regulation (EU) No 757/2010’, amending ‘(EC) No 850/2004.’ WHITE GHOST FP 3% complies with the ‘significant new use rule (SNUR)’ for long-chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylate proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, which will come into effect in due course.


WHITE GHOST 3% is a superior fire extinguishing agent for fires of class A and B.              
DIN  EN 1568,  Part 3: IIA/IIA
According to UL 162

Mixing for immediate use:

WHITE GHOST 3% may be mixed, in any proportion, with other fluoroprotein foam concentrates when used immediately.

Mixing for long term storage:
Mixing of WHITE GHOST 3%  with other Fluorprotein foam concentrates and subsequent storage is not recommended. When WHITE GHOST 3% is to be added to existing stocks of foaming agents we recommend to have the quality of the available stock tested by our laboratory.

Mixing with synthetic concentrates:
WHITE GHOST 3% must not be mixed with synthetic foam concentrates. Even small quantities may render the relevant products unusable.

Mixing with other expanded foams:
Foam generated from WHITE GHOST 3%, during a firefighting operation, is compatible with all other readily expanded fire extinguishing foams, including expanded synthetic foams.

Compatibility with powder
WHITE GHOST 3% foam is suitable for combined use with foam compatible dry chemical powders.

WHITE GHOST 3% is available in jerrycans, plastic drums, steel drums, pallet containers (totes) and in bulk. UL approved packaging is available for WHITE GHOST 3%, in 20 kg plastic jerrycans and 200 kg plastic drums.

WHITE GHOST 3% may be stored, over a long period of time, in the sealed original containers and in corrosion resistant plastic or mild steel tanks. Storage temperatures range from -15°C to +50°C. Temporary freezing, at temperatures below the specified frost resistance limit, will not affect the

Shelf life
WHITE GHOST 3% has a shelf life of >10 years, if stored according to our recommendations (see technical info leaflet B.FL 025 ‘storage protein foam concentrates).

Country of Origin Germany    
Recommended induction rate 3%                            low expansion foam                      non-polar liquids
Foam expansion* 7 - 9                          low expansion foam*  
25% / 50% water drainage time* 6 - 8 minutes       8 - 15 minutes                         low expansion foam*
Colour dark brown to black    
pH value                    at 20°C 6.8 - 7.4
Density                      at 20°C 1.18 ± 0.02 g/ml
Sediments < 0.25%    
Frost resistance -15°C    
Viscosity                    at 20°C ≥ 7 Csk
Environmental acceptability WHITE GHOST 3% is physiologically harmless and readily bio degradable. Fluorine components are not fully degradable. See material safety data sheet for further information.
Special notes WHITE GHOST 3% poses no health risk, provided it is used as intended as fire extinguishing foam. Fire fighting exercise and testing may have to be agreed with local authorities. Take into account when spraying persons with foam that they will not be able to breathe whilst covered with foam. See material safety data sheet for further information.
* Foam expansion and drainage times may vary, depending on foam equipment and operating pressure.