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Wheeled Power Cafs 50l


The new generation of high-performance-extinguishers from BAVARIA combines functionality, effectiveness and profitability. The excellent performance of the new BAVARIA product-range PowerCAFS is based on the alternate production of well fl owing wet-foam or perfect light foam, which adheres to nearly all surfaces perfectly. Caused by special developed CAFS - FOAM (BAVAL PC) the extinguishing results are revolutionary and persisting. The new FLEXICAFS® technology allows a continuous selection from wet to light-foam up to a range of dry-foam-function. Only one equipment allows the production of different extinguishing results with infinitely variable dosage. PowerCAFS is all in one device Future proof for new challenges. The core technology of BAVARIA PowerCAFS high performance extinguisher is the FLEXICAFS® technology. The technology can react in arbitrary gradations between wet and dry or heavy and light foam. The foam can be varied much more precise on a wide range of solid (A) and

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The core technology of BAVARIA PowerCAFS high-performance extinguisher is the FLEXICAFS® technology. The technology can react in arbitrary gradations between wet and dry or heavy and light foam. The foam can be varied much more precise on a wide range of solid (A) and liquid fi res (B). This creates a whole new range spectra and use decisions. Is revolutionary in this segment the continuous control of the air supply in the mixing chamber. This makes it possible to generate a CAFS extinguisher, a non-foamed water-extinguishing agent mixture, resulting in a Water-Mist-System. Optimal adjustment of the device components, tuning utilized and certified special extinguishing


The FLEXICAFS ® technology
An appealing design of the mixing chamber permits continuously variable and thus the adaptation of the extinguishing foam on various fi res and start fires. By means of a metering device, the injecting volume can be variably adapted to the compressed air and thus influences the ratio of extinguishing medium enriched water and compressed air, and varies for an optimal erase result. This allows the use of various CAFS-foams that can be used with very low extinguishing water mixture for retention and prevention of re-ignition. With a high water content very wet, ideal for fi rst strikes to dry, but also for insulation and shielding.
Due to a massive construction and design with virtually wear-free and high-quality materials BAVARIA-PowerCAFS arrived not only in performance but also quality and durability in a new dimension. State of the art, robot-based manufacturing techniques, the use of the latest composite materials and intensive research and development are the guarantee of consistent performance and reliability in an area that does not allow mistakes.



Components of BAVARIA PowerCAFS-Series
The solid steel cylinder   
The welded tanks from DC04-steel exterior is permanently sealed with solid polyester coating against environmental influences, the sandblasted inside is protected with a solid polymer layer against corrosion. The threaded stainless steel ring resists against damages caused by frequent opening, resealing and the corrosive extinguishing agents stood.
The heart –the mixing chamber  
The appealing design of the core of the PowerCAFS, the mixing chamber is multifunctional and includes on the one hand the foam generating unit, the metering of compressed air for the required type of foam and the connection for fast fi lling, for an opening of the PowerCAFS is not required. The mixing chamber itself as well as the nut is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which on the one hand ensures the durability of the material, on the other hand contributes to weight savings and ergonomics into account.
Foam with the right twist  
The innovation to the conventional CAFS-devices is the possibility of continuous adjustment by means of the dosing and perfect adaptation of the extinguishing foam to the different requirements in various sources of fi re and incipient fires. By the metering device, the fed volume can be variably adapted to the compressed air, and thus metered the ratio of extinguishing medium enriched water and compressed air and be varied for optimum quenching result. This allows the use of various CAFS-foams that can be applied with very low extinguishing water mixture for retention and prevention of re-ignition with a high water content very wet ideal for fi rst strikes to dry, but also for insolation and shielding.
The integrated fast filling  
With the PowerCAFS-fast-filling-systems an absolute novelty in the CAFS devices had been developed. The hassle of opening, filling an re-close the PowerCAFS can be eliminated. Only an air compressor and the proven BAVARIA fi ll box is needed and after about 90 seconds the PowerCAFS is ready for use again. Particularly the actual firefighting situation the system guarantees fast re-use of PowerCAFS and offers security to the user.
The bracket construction  
The backbone of the PowerCAFS is the solid aluminum chassis to which all components of the CAFS are fixed. The extinguishing agent container, the compressed air bottle(s), pressure regulator as well as trigger nozzle with hose mounted and protected here shockproof. Powder-coated aluminum chassis is protected against mechanical damage, corrosion and saving compared with conventional models massive weight.  
The compressed air bottle  
Either in the classic steel bottle or as a lightweight carbon fiber bottle supply 300 bar air pressure to PowerCAFS with the required performance, which enables the use of the PowerCAFS two-time without changing cylinders.
The pressure reducer  
The adjusted by BAVARIA specifications pressure reducer with compact safety-valve regulates the output pressure reliably to the operating pressure of 18 bar, which is optimal for foam formation, droplet size, and throw foam consistency in the BAVARIA PowerCAFS.  
The unit of hose with foam gun made by BAVARIA  
For an optimal foam-transport from the mixingchamber to the pistol BAVARIA has developed an optimized tube-system, which is highly resistant against internal and external influences like heat, aggressive liquids etc. The perfect balance of the gun and the BAVARIA PowerCAFS lance gets the foam during application again a further dilution and swirl, which ensures that foam quality and throw the PowerCAFS in its class stand out.  
BAVARIA-foam of PowerCAFS  
The standard-extinguishing agent for PowerCAFS, BAVAL PC, was developed and optimized by a well-respected German foam-producer especially for the PowerCAFS. The extraordinary ratings prove the successful synchronization of foam and system in detail. The BAVAL PC will be delivered as a premix-solution (ready for use) in different bundles or packings. Who wants to have a bit more of convenience can use the proven and patented “BAVARIA-Clip- Cartouche”-system. Filled with BAVAL S20 the PowerCAFS will be very successful in fighting against “B-fi res”. Other advantages are the optimum dosage, extinguishing agent is always guaranteed that extinguishing agents are not exposed to harmful environmental influences, so durability is guaranteed and the dosage even for the novice user is not a problem. Fresh, strong and effective. In addition, the extinguishing agent in the cartridge do not strain the material of the device, which ensures a particularly long life of the PowerCAFS. The new fl our- and solvent-free foam agent “BAVAL pure“ starts the future of environmentally friendly foam.
Approvals & Service  
In-consuming approval and stress testing BAVARIA PowerCAFS series has received high ratings and certificates that are internationally necessary and possible. Thus, the PowerCAFS series ca n provide all users unlimited access to BAVARIA sales organization. A dealer and service network complements the high standards we set for our equipment and our name BAVARIA.
Only best materials and equipments are used for the PowerCAFSfrom BAVARIA, which are proofed by practical use in fire-fighting situations. Because of that, BAVARIA guarantees a n extra ordinary warranty of 5 years for this equipment under the condition of a yearly inspection by the BAVARIA-certified service-organizations so that the dysfunction is not caused by external influences. BAVARIA avouches t he high quality of PowerCAFS!
For different markets BAVARIA- Financial-Service also offers leasing and service contracts for the PowerCAFS-series. If the customer needs a regular service or maintenance of a defect PowerCAFS, BAVARIA gives the guarantee of very fast and reliable
service: In Germany/ Europe the customer will receive the equipment in a maximum of 10 days after transmission. In other countries there will be service-partners, who will be able to react in an similar kind as BAVARIA. This service will give the customer the sureness, that PowerCAFS can be used when needed.