Through an experience that extends to decades and a reputation of offering the most advanced technology at a reasonable cost as well as co-operation with a group of reliable consulting firms both domestically and internationally, Bavaria is pleased to offer its customers through its teams and outsourced experience a wide variety of consulting services. These services start from conducting site surveys and preparation of risk assessment reports extending to developing conceptual designs and cost estimates. Moreover, these services include the development of design drawings, bill of quantities and technical specifications. During construction phase, we also can develop detailed construction and as-built drawings as well as conducting construction supervision, testing and commissioning of all components and systems supplied by Bavaria. To meet the premium quality standards of our company, multiple polices have been applied. Starting from applying the performance optimization with respect to both technical function and architectural beauty, and value engineering concepts to our designs in a addition to using the latest versions of both domestic and international standards as well as the most advanced design and calculation software's such as HydraCad and AlarmCad. Moreover, an annual budget is set for the continuous training of our technical staff by a group of widely experienced international trainers in order to meet the industries latest updates. These services introduced by Bavaria allow us to play a significant role in the sustainable development of different institutions and communities. 

Examples of Performance Optimization Concepts Application:

1- The design of polymers fire cabinets to provide a reasonable degree of protection against weather condition with a reasonable cost.
2- The design of polymers fire cabinets to provide multiple alternatives with respect to shape and color to meet the creative architectural designs.