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Bavaria offers its clients a “One Stop Shop.” We strive to be the most suitable business partner for our customers through offering them with a wide array of products and services in the field of fire protection under one roof.
We provide consultancy in our field and help our clients to establish a secure fire protection system that best suits their needs. Furthermore, we design, manufacture, and market a complete range of high quality fire extinguishers in different capacities. They are categorized by families to cover the different requirements and applications. We are specialized in:
- Car Fire Extinguishers
- Portable Fire Extinguishers
- Mobile Fire Extinguishers
- Fire Fighting Trailers
- Self Actuated Fire Extinguishing Solutions
- Fire Cabinets with a Big Variety of Models and Accessories
- Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment
- Smoke,Heat,and Flame Detection Systems
- Total Suppression Systems
- Fire Fighting School
Each product family consists of various models, suiting different applications.They vary in design,purpose,size and the extinguishing material that may be a chemical powder,a hydrant,a gaseous or a foam compound.